Tupper-Wars – Full-Time RV Life

This is another wonderful blog post from Dawn and if you get the chance – definitely watch the video – very funny!

Random Bits of Trial and Error

“Oh, it’s a war, alright.  It’s on…”

Mike, RandomBitsRV

I never would have imagined that RV life would connect us so strongly with people throughout our travels.  I thought we would be going from campsite to campsite living in our own little world doing our own thing.  We do that often, of course, but we’ve made a lot of friends over the almost two years we’ve been nomadic.  We run into friends accidentally in the same campground, couples we meet at intersections for a quick meal while we travel to separate destinations, and people we seek out to spend a few nights around the campfire.  It’s a delicious balance for this introvert–both moments for ourselves and good times spent with friends who enrich our life on the road.

The best part about meeting with all of these fellow nomads is the opportunity to share a meal, spend some bonding time…

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