Everything has Changed!

It has been a while since I written my blog … many reasons. But, suffice to say I am back and will be writing far more than I had before. For those of you that have stuck around – a word of thanks and appreciation. For those that left – perhaps you will come back. No way to really know. The reason I write this blog is really more therapeutic than anything else, but I am highly inspired to write by some of my blogger friends like xsyntriknomad 


and Random Bits of Trial and Error. They are both amazing bloDawnggers that offer stories of adventure, imagination, experiences, and total inspiration. I love positivity in my life and both of these great bloggers provide me with a dose of positivity whenever it seems I need it. I have been following Devan’s blog for the last two years and love her writing style. We have develop such an amazing friendship and I feel honored to have someone as special as Devan in my life! She recently left her sticks and bricks life and headed on the road in a van … talk about brave – wow – impressive. She is doing great too!  So proud of you gurl! Look forward to actually meeting you in person one day.

I met Dawn and her husband Mike back in January of this year. Well – actually – Mike sent me a message on Facebook that he and his wife Dawn were long time subscribers to my YouTube Channel The Paddy Wagon back in 2016. In his message, Mike shared he and Dawn was inspired by my RV story (among other YouTubers they watch) and decided they were ready to take their life on the road. This is a brave decision for many people that chose this lifestyle and Mike and Dawn are no different. Fortunately, Mike has a career that is mobile and allows him to work from the road. Dawn recently retired from the Mayo Clinic after 30 years of service.  Wow – these are pretty amazing people.

You see – for me – I thrive on the value of the human experience where people live their lives making great personal choices for freedom, autonomy, and self expression. Devan and Dawn chronicle these human experiences in their respective blogs and their writing inspires me to face fears, be more than I thought I could be, but most importantly, they both give me strength and courage to develop my own resolve to do amazing things in my life. For that – I say thank you ladies – you are changing people’s lives through your writing. Please keep it up! But, I digress from the main point of this blog post …. everything has truly changed for me.

When we last left off, I was taking Myrtle to the RV repair shop and blogging about my house being steps away, but feeling a terrible sense of vulnerability. As I was writing that blog post I made the decision it was time to change!  Myrtle was NOT helping me achieve my travel goals and it was absolutely time to get serious about being more mobile Transition

Stay tuned for the rest of the story. If you follow me on Facebook, you may have seen the rest of the story .. but if not, you will have to wait for part II of everything has changed!  Trust me – it will be exciting to read.

5 thoughts on “Everything has Changed!

  1. Patrick, I love you! I can’t wait to read more of your adventures and even share in some of them. You’ve been such an inspiration to us–we owe so much to people like you who have inspired us to take the leap into a lifestyle that brings so much freedom, adventure, and personal growth. We will never be able to find the adequate words to thank you. Dawn (and Mike).


  2. You are so kind! Thank you for the vote of confidence. You are one of my few trusted confidants in this life and I am so grateful for all of your wise advice. I’m so glad you’re going to be writing more here so others can take advantage of your wisdom like I have. *HUGS*

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  3. Reblogged this on Random Bits of Trial and Error and commented:
    When I started this blog in 2014, it was to journal a road trip cross country (Jacksonville FL to Newport OR) with my daughter. I wanted an outlet to express my thoughts about the adventure, our mother/daughter relationship, and the personal growth the experience brought about in me. That ten-day trip was one of the sparks that ignited the full-time RVing dream and this blog has grown into an account of making that journey a reality. I never dreamed it would bring people into my life whose experiences, opinions, and friendships would mean so much. It’s built for Mike and me a virtual community of friends with a wealth of knowledge and an unselfish willingness to share. It’s especially rewarding when we meet these fellow wanderers in person on the road. Our mutual love for traveling, downsizing, and living our own American Dream bonds us in ways I could never imagine.

    Receiving a compliment, word of encouragement, or a gentle nudging to keep doing what I’m doing from my blogging friends means the world to me. Other writers know that pieces of our hearts go into our efforts, and it’s sweet moment to find out we touched someone else, even in a small way.

    This is a reblog from a dear friend. His words touched me, and I hope they do you, also.

    Thank you to my blogging friends. Your likes, comments, and follows mean so much, and I love reading the talent, experience, and entertainment you provide in your posts. You’re all an inspiration. Thank you.


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