Building Our RV Community – Thanks to The Paddy Wagon

Random Bits of Trial and Error

One of my concerns before getting on the road was wondering about a sense of community.  Living in the same place for 30 years afforded lifelong friendships.  Even though I didn’t have daily conversations with my friends, we would always pick up where we took off the last time we talked.  There was someone nearby in case we needed something and vice versa.  Would we have friendships like that on the road?  Could we form meaningful friendships  in such as short time?  Our first week answered those questions with a resounding yes.

img_8916 Patrick filming Mike

As I mentioned in a previous post, we had watched Patrick of The Paddy Wagon and many other YouTube channels before embarking on our trip.  Vloggers like Patrick have a way of bringing viewers into their lives and forging a sense of a personal connection.   He was interested in the same dreams we…

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